Rob Pogue

  • Ladner, Delta BC
  • (778).999.5806
  • Let Him Know That You Saw His Website!!

    5 thoughts on “Contact

    1. Hi Rob. We haven’t heard back from you or Karen regarding our renovation. How are things coming along? I have only Karen’s home number and didn’t want to bother her at home.


    2. Hi rob, it’s Evelyn in pat Scott’s building. Can we set somethin up in the new year as far as an estimate is concerned. I’m not in a rush to have my ensuite done,but, would like an estimate.
      Hope you get this email.
      Cheers Evelyn and merry christmas


    3. Hello Rob
      We have been recommended to you by a family friend Frank Classen.
      We have recently bought a townhouse in Richmond that needs a lot of work, and we’re wondering if we could get a quote for our new kitchen. We have all measurements and basically what we want all figured out. But looking for another quote. If you could call or email us back we would appreciate it a lot!


    4. Your name was recommended as we need to get our countertops redone and our taps have rotted through. Please call ASAP. Thank you!


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